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Benchmark library

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 Simple Plant Location Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Capacitated Facility Location Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Multi  Stage Uncapacitated  Facility Location Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   P-median  Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   The p-median Problem with Users Preferences

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   (r|p)-centroid problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Competitive Fasility Location Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Competitive Facility Location and Design Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Facility Location and Pracing Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Supply Management Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Transfer Line Balancing Problem

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Length-Bounded Maximum Multicommodity Flow with Unit Edge Lengths

ballred.gif (861 bytes)   Multiproduct Scheduling Problem


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Benchmark library was created thanks to financial support by Russian Foundation for Basic Research 
(grants NN 98-07-90259, 01-07-90212, 04-07-90096, 08-07-00037, 11-07-00474)

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