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Присуждение С. К. Годунову степени почетного доктора Мичиганского университета

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Sergei Godunov

One of the founders of the field of computational fluid dynamics and the modern theory of conservation laws, mathematician Sergei Godunov has influenced the theory and practice of scientific computation as much as anyone in this century. His work transcends time and his contributions to applied mathematics and computational fluid dynamics already have become classics. Professor Godunov was the first to recognize that computational methods must pay attention to the physics in order to produce meaningful results. He introduced into computational science a completely new style of thinking by using exact physical solutions as miniature building blocks. With this change of focus, the physics of the problem is more faithfull preserved, and problems of computational accuracy are shifted into more geometrical questions that are easier to solve by intuition. Most computer codes used today for simulating compressible flow, whether in civil aeronautics defense research, planetary space physics, or astrophysics, are derived from Professor Godunov’s work. As the progenitor of «Godunov-type schemes», he is famous in every laboratory where compressible fluid dynamics is studied. Professor Godunov also has done important work of a more classical nature in the areas of partial differential equations and linear algebra. He has published several books about mathematical physics, the mechanics of continuous media, difference schemes, and computational linear algebra. A member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and department head at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics in Novosibirsk, Russia, Professor Godunov is a central figure in the growing cooperation between Russian and American scientists, especially in the fields of computational mathematics and aerospace engineering. In recognition of the originality and elegance of his work and the significant contributions he has made to applied mathematics and computational fluid mechanics in his homeland and in the United States, the University of Michigan is honored to bestow upon Sergei Godunov the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.

На присуждении С. К. Годунову степени почетного доктора Мичиганского университетаНа присуждении С. К. Годунову степени почетного доктора Мичиганского университета