Victor Danilovich

Councillor of the Russian Academy of Sciences
at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics since 2012,
Dr.Sci.(Phys.-Math.) since 1974,
Professor since 1977,
Corresponding member of RAS since 2003

V. D. Mazurov is a worldwide acknowledged specialist in group theory. He founded the broadly known Novosibirsk school of finite groups. He is the author and co-author of more than 200 research papers including a monograph. He solved, among many others, the following problems:

  • Thompson's problem on 2-signalizers in finite simple groups,
  • Janko's problem on the sporadic Rudvalis group,
  • The problem by Praeger and Shi on almost recognizability of finite groups by element orders,
  • Lyndon's problem on the classification of finite groups of outer automorphisms of free groups,
  • Brauer's problem on the intersection of Sylow subgroups in finite groups.

He obtained a classification of finite insoluble groups all of whose solvable subgroups have 2-length one, made a crucial contribution to the classification of minimal permutation representation of finite simple groups, proved recognizability by spectrum of many finite and infinite groups.

Since 1986, V. D. Mazurov has been Head of the Laboratory of Group Theory at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics whose nucleus presently includes his former students and his students' students.

V. D. Mazurov invests a lot of effort in training prospective scientists. He works part-time at Novosibirsk State University where he gives lectures and supervises graduate and postgraduate students. Among his students, 8 have earned a Dr.Sci. degree and more than 20 have earned a Ph.D.

V. D. Mazurov spends much time on working with schoolchildren. During more than 30 years he has been Head of the SB RAS Public Committee for the Conduction of School Olympiads managing the organization of regional olympiads for schoolchildren in mathematics, physics, and chemistry in all regions of Siberia and the Far East.

  • contact address:
    • Prof. V. D. Mazurov,
    • Sobolev Institute
    • of Mathematics,
    • 4, Acad. Koptyug av.,
    • 630090 Novosibirsk,
    • Russia
    • +7 (383) 363-45-83
    • +7 (383) 333-25-98
Created: January 31, 2013