V. B. Afanassiev, S. A. Popov
        A new idea for graph code decoding
        pdf pdf (180 kB)
        R. Ahlswede, V. S. Lebedev
        Shadow under the words-subwords relation
        pdf pdf (99 kB)
        S. V. Avgustinovich, I. Yu. Mogilnykh
        On completely regular codes with covering radius 1 in Johnson graphs J(2w + 1; w)
        pdf pdf (531 kB)
        T. Baicheva, S. Topalova
        Classification of optimal (v; 4; 1) optical orthogonal codes with v ≤ 76
        pdf pdf (121 kB)
        D. Bartoli, S. Marcugini, F. Pambianco
        The spectrum of linear pure quantum [[n; n−10; 4]]-codes
        pdf pdf (623 kB)
        S. V. Bezzateev, N. A. Shekhunova
        Binary unequal error protection codes as a subclass of generalized (L,G)-codes
        pdf pdf (398 kB)
        S. Boev, I. Landjev
        The generalization of some constructions by Megyesi to Hjelmslev planes
        pdf pdf (174 kB)
        G. Bogdanova, T. Todorov, N. Noev
        Signing individual fragments of an RDF graph of unique Bulgarian bells
        pdf pdf (2,15 MB)
        Q. Borges, J. Rifa, V. A. Zinoviev
        Lifting of completely regular codes with ρ = 2
        pdf pdf (81 kB)
        S. Boumova, V. Drensky
        Cocharacters of polynomial identities of upper triangular matrices
        pdf pdf (394 kB)
        I. Bouyukliev, E. Jacobsson
        Classification of binary linear codes with minimum distance 8
        pdf pdf (194 kB)
        P. Boyvalenkov, H. Kulina
        Computing distance distribution of orthogonal arrays
        pdf pdf (77 kB)
        P. Charpin
        On permutation polynomials of the shape G(X) + λTr(H(X))
        pdf pdf (96 kB)
        A. A. Davydov, S. Marcugini, F. Pambianco
        A geometric construction of complete arcs sharing (q + 3)/2 points with a conic
        (symmetric and complete arcs: bounds and constrcutions)

        pdf pdf (4,01 MB)
        A. A. Davydov, V. V. Zyablov, R. E. Kalimullin
        Subcodes of Reed-Solomon code with special properties
        pdf pdf (157 kB)
        I. Dumer, R. Fourquet, C. Tavernier
        Cryptanalysis of block ciphers via list decoding of long Reed-Muller codes
        pdf pdf (247 kB)
        T. Etzion, N. Silberstein
        On perfect codes in the Johnson graph
        pdf pdf (197 kB)
        A. A. Frolov, V. V. Zyablov
        Insertion of erasures as a method of q-ary LDPC codes decoding
        pdf pdf (339 kB)
        E. V. Gorkunov
        Symmetries of a q-ary Hamming code
        pdf pdf (333 kB)
        Ya. Hassan, V. Sidorenko
        Fast recursive linearized feedback shift register synthesis
        pdf pdf (809 kB)
        S. Kapralov
        Enumeration of some Dyson sets
        pdf pdf (40 kB)
        H. Kostadinov, N. Manev, H. Morita
        On (±1) error correctable integer codes
        pdf pdf (274 kB)
        D. I. Kovalevskaya
        Metrical rigidity of some q-ary codes
        pdf pdf (4,05 MB)
        D. S. Krotov
        On the binary codes with parameters of triply-shortened 1-perfect codes
        pdf pdf (170 kB)
        A. S. Kuzmin, A. A. Nechaev
        On the reconstruction of a linear recurrence of maximal period over a Galois ring by it's highest coordinate sequence
        pdf pdf (162 kB)
        I. Landjev, A. Rousseva
        On a class of Griesmer codes related to caps
        pdf pdf (124 kB)
        M. H. Lee
        Jacket matrices and their applications in coding theory
        pdf pdf (9,45 MB)
        V. T. Markov, A. A. Nechaev
        Generalized BCH-theorem and linear recursive MDS-codes
        pdf pdf (258 kB)
        T. Maruta, Y. Oya
        New ternary linear codes of dimension 6
        pdf pdf (81 kB)
        E. Nickolov, D. Polimirova
        Advanced encryption methods used in modern malware activities with respect to the information security
        pdf pdf (2,34 MB)
        Y. Oya, T. Maruta
        The nonexistence of  [265; 6; 175]3 and  [302; 6; 200]3 codes
        pdf pdf (153 kB)
        V. N. Potapov
        On completion of latin hypercuboids of order 4
        pdf pdf (296 kB)
        J. Rifa, F. I. Solov'eva, M. Villanueva
        On the geometric intersection of Hamming codes
        pdf pdf (489 kB)
        P. V. Trifonov
        On multivariate interpolation decoding of folded Reed-Solomon codes
        pdf pdf (444 kB)
        V. Tyagi, A. Sethi
        (b1; b2)-optimal byte correcting codes
        pdf pdf (99 kB)
        A. V. Urivskiy
        Light-weight key predistribution scheme with key renewal
        pdf pdf (93 kB)
        A. Yu. Vasil'eva
        Local spectra of eigenfunctions of binary cube
        pdf pdf (119 kB)
        A. Wachter, V. Sidorenko, M. Bossert
        A fast linearized euclidean algorithm for decoding of Gabidulin codes
        pdf pdf (789 kB)
        A. Zeh, W. Li
        On reformulated multi-sequence problems
        pdf pdf (1,03 MB)
        V. A. Zinoviev, D. V. Zinoviev
        Components of Steiner systems S(v, k, k−1)
        pdf pdf (90 kB)
        V. V. Zyablov, K. A. Kondrashov
        Binary LDPC woven convolutional codes decoding
        pdf pdf (540 kB)
        V. V. Zyablov, P. S. Rybin
        Majority decoding and decoding with erasure insertion of binary LDPC codes
        pdf pdf (3,00 MB)

Evgeny Gorkunov, 2009–2010