The Russian Conference
“Mathematics in the Modern World”
Dedicated to the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics


This year the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics celebrates the fiftieth anniversary and convenes the Russian Conference Mathematics in the Modern World, September 1723, 2007, dedicated to this event.

Program Committee

Yu. L. Ershov, Chairman
M. V. Fokin, Vice-Chairman
Yu. S. Volkov, Scientific Secretary
N. N. Achasov
D. S. Anikonov
Yu. E. Anikonov
V. V. Aseev
V. S. Belonosov
V. L. Beresnev
A. M. Blokhin
O. V. Borodin
A. A. Borovkov
V. T. Dementev
G. V. Demidenko
A. A. Evdokimov
S. I. Fadeev
N. I. Glebov
S. K. Godunov
S. S. Goncharov
V. G. Khoroshevsky
A. A. Kolokolov (Omsk)
S. S. Kutateladze
V. I. Kuzminov
M. M. Lavrentev
V. L. Makarov (Moscow)
V. D. Mazurov
A. S. Morozov
E. A. Palyutin
V. N. Remeslennikov (Omsk)
Yu. G. Reshetnyak
V. G. Romanov
D. V. Shirkov (Moscow)
V. I. Shmyrev
I. A. Taimanov
V. A. Topchy (Omsk)
V. A. Vasilev
A. Yu. Vesnin
S. K. Vodopyanov
N. G. Zagoruiko
V. N. Zhelyabin
Yu. I. Zhuravlev (Moscow)

Scientific Program and Conference Topics

The scientific program will consist of the invited 45-minute and 30-minute lectures, 30-minute and 20-minute talks on the following sessions:

1. Algebra and Mathematical Logic (V. D. Mazurov and S. S Goncharov, Chairmen)
2. Geometry, Topology, and Mathematical Analysis (Yu. G. Reshetnyak, Chairman)
3. Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics (G. V. Demidenko, Chairman)
4. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (A. A. Borovkov, Chairman)
5. Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling (S. K. Godunov, Chairman)
6. Discrete Analysis and Operations Research (V. L. Beresnev, Chairman)
7. Game Theory and Mathematical Economics (V. A. Vasilev, Chairman)
8. Theoretical Physics (N. N. Achasov, Chairman)

Official Languages

Russian and English.

Registration Fee

The conference is free of charge.

Financial Support

The Organizing Committee will try to reimburse the expenses of the Russian participants partially. The amounts of support will depend on the available resources.

Call for paper

The conference abstracts will be published in electronic form by the opening of the conference. The abstracts must be presented to the Organizing Committee by May 31, 2007.

Abstracts should be sent to The subject line should contain the words "MMW2007 abstract". Please indicate the session in which you intend to give a talk. Abstracts should be prepared in accordance with this example. The size of your abstract is expected not to exceed 2 pages. Please dont use your own macros and automatic numbering. Abstracts should be presented in LaTeX, including a PDF copy for safety. The names of the files (*.tex, *.pdf and pictures) concerning your abstract are to consist of the last name and the first letter of your name (for example, BlackJ.tex and BlackJ.pdf for the abstract of John Black).


The Organizing Committee will reserve rooms at the hotel of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Zolotaya Dolina, at the hotel “Goluboe Ozero”, and at the dormitory of Novosibirsk State University.

For additional information visit the site of the conference:

© Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, 2007