The conference will be held in Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

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Akhmet'ev P. M.     Invariants of knots in geodesic flows.

Barinova M. K.     On existence of the energy function for 3-diffeomorphisms with one-dimensional surface attractor and repeller.

Borisova P.     Separation of variables for type D_n Hitchin systems on hyperelliptic curves.

Buryak A. Yu.     Simple Lax description of the ILW hierarchy.

Chupakhin A. P.     Ovsyannikov vortex: exact solution of classical and relativistic hydrodynamic equations.

Dobrogowska A.     Tangent lifts of bi-Hamiltonian structures.

Gaifullin A. A.     On homology of Johnson kernel.

Glutsyuk A. A.     On polynomially integrable billiards on surfaces of constant curvature.

Gontsov R. R.     Solving triangular Schlesinger systems via periods of meromorphic differentials.

Goryuchkina I. V.     On the convergence of various formal series solutions of algebraic ODEs.

Grines V. Z.     On the topology of manifolds admitting cascades attractor - repeller of the same dimension.

Gurevich E. Ya.     On topological classification of Morse-Smale cascades by means of combinatorial invariants.

Guzev M. A.     Stability of rolling particles between elastic plates.

Kordyukov Yu. A.     Trace formula for the magnetic Laplacian.

Kozlov V. V.     Тензорные инварианты и интегрирование дифференциальных уравнений.

Krasil'shchik I. S.     2D-reductions of the Mikhalev-Pavlov equation and their nonlocal symmetries.

Kruglov V. E.     Topological conjugacy of gradient-like flows on the n-sphere.

Kurenkov E. D.     On one-dimensional basic sets of endomorphisms of 2-torus.

Medvedev S. B.     Numerical algorithms for the direct spectral Zakharov-Shabat problem with application to the solution of nonlinear equations.

Nazaikinskii V. E.     Billiards with semi-rigid walls, asymptotic eigenfunctions of the 2D operator $\nabla D(x)\nabla$, and trapped coastal waves.

Nozdrinova E. V.     On a simple isotopy class of gradient-like diffeomorphisms on a two-dimensional sphere.

Orlov A. Yu.     Hurwitz numbers and matrix integrals labeled with chord diagrams.

Pavlov M.V.     A new class of exact solutions for three-dimensional quasilinear systems of first order.

Plakhov A. Yu.     New results in Newton’s problem of minimal resistance.

Pochinka O. V.     Topological objects in invariant sets of dynamical systems.

Rademacher H.-B.     On the number of closed geodesics.

Sharygin G. I.     Deformation quantization of commutative families.

Shcherbakov V. V.      A viscous approximation of crack propagation in elastic bodies.

Sheinman O. K.     Spectral curves and separation of variables for hyperelliptic Hitchin systems of types A_n, B_n, C_n.

Shramov C. A.     Automorphism groups of Hopf and Kodaira surfaces.

Timorin V. A.     Invariant spanning trees for quadratic rational maps.

Trakhinin Yu. L.     On local existence and violent instabilities of a plasma-vacuum interface.

Treschev D. V.     On a quantum heavy particle.

Tyurin N. A.     On a complexification of the moduli space of Bohr - Sommerfeld lagrangian cycles.

Vyugin I. V.     Vector bundles and difference equations in a complex domain.

Zubov D.I.     Rate of equidistribution for the unstable manifolds of Anosov diffeomorphisms.


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