Seventh Siberian Interdisciplinary Conference

Mathematical Problems of Space-time Physics of Complex Systems (STP-2008)




The VII Siberian interdisciplinary conference on mathematical problems of space-time physics of complex systems (STP-2008) is to take place in Novosibirsk at the Sobolev Institute for Mathematics, Siberian division of the Russian Academy of Sciences  from  21st  to  24th  of September  2008.

This Conference will commemorate the  one hundredth anniversary of G. Minkowski's lecture "Raum und Zeit"  (September 21, 1908),  that has been generally assumed a birth of the 4-dimensional mathematical model of the physical reality, which first reflected the unity of 'space' and 'time' - two aspects that  distinguished Science for its investigations  of material  world.  G. Minkowski  accented attention on the united geometry  for space and time (for the first time it appeared in  works by  H. Poincare in 1906), on a new physics object - 'world'  ('space-time').

In the light of the problems of the interdisciplinary Conference STP, in connection with this centennial jubilee will be discussed prominent  achievements in the field of  investigations of space-time mathematical structure and  the physical circumstances causing  the united geometry for space and time.

The STP-2008 Conference will continue the discussion of physical concepts (mathematical models) that was started at the STP-2000 Conference. The main goal of the discussion is to coordinate activities of creating of the theoretical basis for complex, interdisciplinary study of the Universe genome (see Report of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for STP-2000 Prof. M.M.Lavrentiev). 

Traditionally Conference program consists of two divisions 

"Mathematical problems of space-time physics"  and 

"Mathematical problems for complex systems"

and two discussions connected with them -

"Hot points in physics"  and  "Concepts of contemporary natural sciences".


  Conference STP-2008 Proceedings will be published as the book

  "Search for mathematical laws of the Universe: physical ideas, approaches, concepts",    issue  7 

  (in Russian and in English, but  N.B.! :  the working language of    the Conference is Russian).


Conference STP-2008 Coordinators:

  Space-time problems, world of events physics -

Prof.  A. K. Guts

Dr. Doc.  V. V. Varlamov  

Dr.  E. G. Bubelev

   Deterministic atomic physics and Causal mechanics

Prof.  V. V. Vikhrev

Dr.  I. A. Eganova

   Retardics: Electrodynamics and Gravitation -

Prof. O. D. Jefimenko

   Resonance synchronization as a foundation for the complex systems existence -

Prof. F. A. Gareev

   Nonequilibrium systems mechanics   -

Prof. V. M. Somsikov

   High technology for complex systems - 

Prof.   V. N. Samoilov  scar@off-serv.jinr.rul

Prof.   A. A. Moskvitin

  Concepts of contemporary natural sciences,

   Hot points in physics  -

Prof.,  Academician of UzbekAS  F. A. Usmanov

Dr.  Doc.   L. N. Smirnykh  

   Ontocosmism: cosmos as the limitlessly developing whole

   Science philosophy -

Prof. Yu. G. Kosarev

Prof.  K. F. Samokhvalov


If you are going to take part in the Conference, please, send (before 12th of  June!

to  in the following format:

1.      Your first name, surname.

2.      Your Organization,  e-mail,  fax,  phone.

3.      Sphere of your scientific   interests 

         (what  do  you  expect   for your participation in the Conference?).

         Your  suggestions  (wishes) concerning two above-mentioned discussions.

4.      Your participation:   listener, opponent, reporter (survey, information report,

          factual report, expert report).

5.      Your reports title.  Please, point out  the  duration of your report,    from  20  to

          60  minutes.  Traditionally questions and discussions  follow immediately after

          every report  during  15 - 40 minutes.

6.      Coordinators recommendation or brief summary of your report.

  All your questions concerning the STP-2008 Conference  you may address to

  Dr. Irene A. Eganova

             Prof. A. K. Guts, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for STP-2008



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                     Daily  program  of  sittings

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