Nikolay Abrosimov Volumes of polyhedra with symmetries
Nikolai Dolbilin Combinatorics of polyhedra
István EstélyiOn groups all of whose undirected Cayley graphs of bounded valency are integral
Alexandr Gaifullin Combinatorial realization of cycles and Coxeter groups
Sergey Goryainov On the Deza graphs with disconnected second neighbourhood
Ekaterina KhomyakovaOn multiplicities of eigenvalues of the Star graphs
Alexandr KostochkaMany cycle lengths in triangle-free graphs with high chromatic number
István KovácsOn elementary abelian p-groups which are CI-groups
Denis KrotovLinear perfect codes in Doob graphs
Klavdija KutnarOn arc-transitive bicirculants
Sergei LandoOn the signed number of circuits of even length in nonoriented graphs
Tamara LavshukPolygons and polyhedra over finite field
Maxim LimonovOn graphs with automorphism groups admitting a partition
Dragan MarušičVertex-transitive graphs: why semiregularity matters
Aleksander MalničAlgorithmic aspects related to the structure of lifted groups along covering projections
Aleksander MednykhAutomorphism groups and branched coverings of graphs
Ilya MednykhOn isospectrality of genus two graphs
Alexey MedvedevOn the number of cycles of small length in Star graph
Tomaž PisanskiSome statistics on small connected trivalent vertex-transitive graphs
Natalia TokarevaConnections between graph theory and cryptography
Elena UharovaOn isospectrality of genus three graphs
Andrey Vasil'evSchur rings and Cayley schemes of finite non-abelian groups

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