August 06-19, 2018 - Novosibirsk, Russia

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Two levels of submissions are offered for the G2R2-conference participants.

1. Paper Submission

Selected papers based on invited and contributed talks will be published in a special issue of Algebra Colloquium. The submission is done directly through journal webpage. When submitting, please indicate that the submission is dedicated to the Special volume of G2R2.

If you have any questions, please contact to the Editorial Office:
Contact Email: shangcy@amss.ac.cn
Contact Person: Dr. Chanyu Shang

Paper submission deadline: November 1, 2018

2. Abstract Submission

Valeriy Bardakov, Representations of the virtual braid group (talk)

Anton Baykalov, Intersection of conjugate solvable subgroups in GL(n,q) (pdf) (talk)

Katie Brodhead, Label Classification in Machine Learning via Association Schemes (pdf) (talk)

Marina Chanchieva, The properties of the set of subarcs of a symmetric irrational dendrite (pdf) (talk)

Huye Chen, On edge-transitive factorizations of complete uniform hypergraphs (pdf) (talk)

Eun-Kyung Cho, On groups whose proper schur rings are commutative (pdf) (talk)

Yi Dai, Kernels in 3-regular circulant digraphs (pdf)

Dmitry Drozdov, Deformations of polygonal dendrites in the plane (pdf)

Nikolai Erokhovets, Construction of fullerenes and Pogorelov polytopes (pdf)(talk)

Rhys Evans, Neumaier graphs (pdf) (talk)

Stepan Fadeev, The study of energy configurations in the Thomson problem (pdf) (talk)

Alexander Gavrilyuk, On triple intersection numbers of association schemes (pdf) (talk)

Ismael Gonzalez Yero, Graphs and metrics: the partition case (pdf)(talk)

Ilya Gorshkov, On a connection between the order of a finite group and the set of conjugacy classes size (pdf) (talk)

Keiji Ito, Second eigenmatrices of a non-commutative association schemes obtained from steiner systems (pdf)(talk)

Christina Ilyenko, Coincidence of Gruenberg-Kegel graphs of non-isomorphic finite groups (pdf)

Vladislav Kabanov, Prolific construction of strictly Deza graphs (pdf) (talk)

Kirill Kamalutdinov, On the semigroup of similarities with unique one point intersection, not satisfying WSP (pdf) (talk)

Jan Kim, Non-residually Finite Direct Limits of the 2-Bridge Link Groups (pdf) (talk)

Young Soo Kwon, Classification of t-balanced regular Cayley maps on some groups (pdf) (talk)

Honghai Li, On the spectra of Cayley graphs (pdf) (talk)

Daria Lytkina, Integral Cayley graphs over finite groups (pdf)

Maria Lisitsyna, On perfect 2-colorings of infinite multipath graphs (pdf) (talk)

Sam Mattheus, Polarities of projective planes and related (hyper) graphs (pdf) (talk)

Ilya Mednykh, Jacobian and complexity of I-graphs (pdf) (talk)

Alexander Mednykh, Arithmetics and combinatorics of circulant graphs (pdf) (talk)

Ivan Mogilnykh, On equitable 2-partitions of Hamming graphs H(n,q) with eigenvalues λ2 (pdf)(talk)

Ivan Mogilnykh, On regular subgroups of the automorphism group of the Hamming code of length 15 (pdf) (talk)

Natalya Mozhey, Non-reductive homogeneous spaces, admitting affine connections (pdf)

Michele Mulazzani, Compact n-manifolds via (n+1)-colored graphs (pdf) (talk)

Dmitry Panasenko, On equitable partitions of divisible design graphs (pdf) (talk)

Olga Parshina, Perfect 2-colorings of infinite circulant graphs with a continuous set of odd distances (pdf) (talk)

Vladimir N. Potapov, Construction of pairs of orthogonal latin cubes based on combinatorial designs (pdf) (talk)

Chengyang Qian, A simple multibody system on a discrete circle (pdf) (talk)

Danila Revin, Integrality of some Cayley graphs (pdf) (talk)

Grigory Ryabov, CI-property for decomposable Schur rings over an elementary abelian group (pdf) (talk)

Faina Solov'eva, On uniform partitions of Fn into Hamming codes (pdf) (talk)

Ev Sotnikova, Minimum supports of eigenfunctions in bilinear forms graphs (pdf) (talk)

Anna Taranenko, On the numbers of transversals and multiplexes in iterated quasigroups (pdf) (talk)

Andrei Tetenov, Inverse limits of m-sprouts and topological self-similar dendrites (pdf) (talk) (video)

Ludmila Tsiovkina, On vertex-transitive antipodal distance-regular graphs of diameter three with primitive almost simple antipodal groups (pdf)

Alexandr Valyuzhenich, On eigenfunctions of Hamming graphs with minimum support (pdf) (talk)

Konstantin Vorob'ev, Alphabet lifting construction of equitable partitions of Hamming graphs (pdf) (talk)

Bao Vuong, The volume of a compact hyperbolic antiprism (pdf) (talk)

Yaokun Wu, An expansion property of Boolean multilinear map (pdf) (talk)

Yanzhen Xiong, Competition Numbers and Phylogeny Numbers (pdf) (talk)

Zeying Xu, Tropical hyperplane arrangement and zonotopal tiling (pdf)(talk)

Yuefeng Yang, Weakly distance-regular digraphs (pdf) (talk)

Da Zhao, Group fusion power of association schemes (pdf)(talk)

Yan Zhu, Relative t-designs on one shell of Johnson association schemes (pdf) (talk)

Yinfeng Zhu, Phase spaces and kernel spaces of transformation semigroups (pdf) (talk)

Maria Zvezdina, On the splitness of the prime and solvable graphs for finite simple groups (pdf)