The conference papers and a report about the G2S2 are published in Siberian Electronic Mathematical Reports (SEMR).

S. V. Avgustinovich, E. N. Khomyakova, E. V. Konstantinova, Multiplicities of eigenvalues of the Star graph (pdf)
D. V. Churikov, A. V. Vasil'ev, Automorphism groups of cyclotomic schemes over finite near-fields (pdf)
M. Ghorbani, F. N. Larki, On the spectrum of Cayley graphs (pdf)
S. Heydari, N. Ahanjideh, Some simple groups which are determined by their character degree graphs (pdf)
M. Jalali-Rad, A. R. Ashrafi, Erdös-Ko-Rado properties of some finite groups (pdf)
V. V. Kabanov, A. V. Mityanina, On claw-free strictly Deza graphs (pdf)
A. V. Khalyavin, M. S. Lobanov, Yu. V. Tarannikov, On plateaued Boolean functions with the same spectrum support (pdf)
O. V. Kravtsova, On automorphisms of semifields and semifield planes (pdf)
S. Kubota, Strongly regular graphs with the same parameters as the symplectic graph (pdf)
A. A. Makhnev, L. Yu. Tsiovkina, Arc-transitive antipodal distance-regular graphs of diameter three related to PSL_d(q) (pdf)
N. P. Mozhey, Torsion free affine connections on three-dimensional homogeneous spaces (pdf)
S. Reichard, Schur rings over the elementary abelian group of order 64 (pdf)
E. V. Konstantinova, D. S. Krotov, A. D. Mednykh, On Graphs and Groups, Spectra and Symmetries held on August 15-28, 2016, Novosibirsk, Russia (pdf)