Conference "Geometry Days in Novosibirsk, 2012"
Dedicated to 100th anniversary of Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics
August, 30 — September, 1, 2012
Novosibirsk (Russia)

Programme of the conference

  • August, 30

    9:00-9:50,       Yu. G. Reshetnyak, S. S. Kutateladze (Novosibirsk). Life and works of A. D. Aleksandrov

    10:00-10:50,   S. V. Matveev (Chelyabinsk). Bialgebras and three-dimensional manifolds

    11:10-12:00,   S. K. Vodopyanov (Novosibirsk). Geometry of vector fields and regularity of solutions of nonlinear subelliptic equations

    12:10-13:00,   N. Wildberger (Sydney, Australia). Rational trigonometry of a tetrahedron

    14:10-15:00,   I. Kh. Sabitov (Moscow). New integral formulas for compact surfaces and some of their applications

    - Section A:

    15:10-15:35,   V. V. Vershinin (Monpellier, France; Novosibirsk). On Vassiliev invariants of braid groups of the sphere

    15:40-16:05,   M. Mulazzani (Bologna, Italy). Compact 3-manifolds via 4-colored graphs

    16:25-16:50,   E. A. Fominykh (Chelyabinsk). Complexity of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

    16:55-17:20,   ┼. └. Sbrobova (Chelyabinsk). Virtual manifolds of low-complexity

    17:25-17:50,   ╬. G. Bagina (Kemerovo). Convex pentagons tiling the plane

    - Section B:

    15:10-15:35,   └. V. Greshnov (Novosibirsk). About Gromov's theorem of homogeneous nilpotent approximation

    15:40-16:05,   D. V. Isangulova (Novosibirsk). 1-quasiconformal maps on roto-translation group

    17:25-17:50,   N. └. Evseev (Novosibirsk). Invariance of weighted Sobolev spaces

    16:55-17:20,   S. G. Basalaev (Novosibirsk). Poincare inequality on Carnot manifolds with C1-smooth vector fields

    17:25-17:50,   ╠. V. Ďryamkin (Novosibirsk). ACL-property of quasiconformal mappings of Carnot-Caratheodory spaces and BMO-functions

    17:55-18:20,   ╠. B. ╩Órmanova (Novosibirsk). Minimal surfaces on Carnot groups

    - Section C:

    15:40-16:05,   V. V. Aseev (Novosibirsk). On stability of a certain geometric criterion of quasiconformality in the plane

    15:10-15:35,   ╩. V. Storozhuk (Novosibirsk). Kroneker sets and isometries of the space C(M), tightly wrap the torus

    16:25-16:50,   ╬. P. Gladunova (Barnaul). On the spectrum of curvature operator of conformal (semi-) flat Riemannian metrics

  • August, 31

    9:00-9:50,       S. K. Lando (Moscow). Geometry of spaces of rational functions

    10:00-10:50,   I. A. Dynnikov (Moscow). Counting intersections of normal curves

    11:10-12:00,   └. └. Gaifullin (Moscow). Combinatorial realisation of cycles and simplicial volume

    12:10-13:00,   A. B. Zheglov (Moscow). Isospectral deformations of partial differential operators and algebraic varietie

    14:10-15:00,   S. V. Ivanov (St. Petersburg). On the discretization in Riemannian geometry

    - Section A:

    15:10-15:35,   E. Molnár (Budapest, Hungary). Visualization of the 8 homogeneous 3-geometries and the Thurston conjecture

    15:40-16:05,   V. V. Slavsky (Khanty-Mansiysk). Support functions of the convex polyhedron in Lobachevsky's space

    16:25-16:50,   V. V. Chueshev (Kemerovo). Prym differentials on finite Riemann surfaces

    16:55-17:20,   Ď. └. Kozlovskaya (Magadan). Everitt hyperbolic icosahedral manifolds

    17:25-17:50,   └. V. Masley (Novosibirsk). On sufficient conditions of discreteness for groups of Mobius transformations with two generators

    - Section B:

    15:10-15:35,   Yu. S. Volkov (Novosibirsk). Preserving geometric properties of functions in the approximation by splines

    15:40-16:05,   A. A. Egorov (Novosibirsk). Regularity and mashing of singularities for solutions of differential inequalities with zero-Lagrangian

    16:25-16:50,   M. V. Korobkov (Novosibirsk). Morse--Sard theorem for Sobolev functions and applications

    16:55-17:20,   D. A. Trotsenko (Novosibirsk). Extreme surfaces in a problem of A. D. Alexandrov

    16:25-16:50,   S. V. Selivanova (Novosibirsk). Tangent cone to locally contractible space

    - Section C:

    15:10-15:35,   └. └. Husainov (Komsomolsk-on-Amur). Homology group of category of partly action of monoid

    15:40-16:05,   V. ┼. Lopatkin (Novosibirsk). Cohomology of free partially commutative monoids and their actions on the pointed set

    16:25-16:50,   └. ╩. Guts (Omsk). Intuitionistic Chronogeometry

    16:55-17:20,   Ya. A. Kopylov (Novosibirsk). The two-Square lemma and the connecting morphism in a preabelian category

    17:25-17:50,   N. └. Daurtseva (Kemerovo). On behavior of Nijenhuis tensor in 6-dimensional Heisenberg group

  • September, 1

    9:00-9:50,       M. Dehmer (Hall in Tirol, Austria). Location of zeros of Wiener polynomials

    10:00-10:50,   A. D. Mednykh (Novosibirsk). To be announced

    11:10-12:00,   I. V. Vyugin (Moscow). Holomorphic bundles and differential equations on the Riemann sphere

    12:10-13:00,   └. Z. Anan'in (Campinas, Brazil). Complex and real hyperbolic disc bundles over surfaces

    13:10-13:35,   D. V. Egorov (Yakutsk). Riemannian Spin(7) holonomy manifold carries octonionic-Kahler structure

    13:40-14:05,   E. I. Shamaev (Yakutsk). Discrete geometric bisectors flow of convex polygons and the problem of its convergence

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