Effective algorithms for matrix groups,

Eamonn O'Brien,
Professor of Mathematics,
Auckland, New Zealand

This course will focus on theoretical and practical algorithms for the study of groups generated by matrices. We will consider how to compute information about the group, for examples its order and composition factors. During practical classes, we will demonstrate how to use implementations of some of these algorithms in the computer algebra systems GAP and MAGMA to explore the structure of various groups.

This course will consist of six lectures and two practical traninigs. The participans should know basic intro to classical groups andbasic facts about perm groups. It suffices to know

1. Chapters 1-3 from J.D.Dixon, B.Mortimer "Permutation Groups", New York, Springer, 1996.
2. Chapters 1-2 from P.B.Kleidman, M.Liebeck "The Subgroups Structure of Finite Classical Groups", Cambridge Univ. Press, 1990.
3. L.C.Grove "Classical Groups and geometric algebra", AMS Graduate Studies in Mathematics, vol. 39, 2002.

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