Heads - S.S.Goncharov, S.Lempp, A.Sorbi

Secretary - S.L.Bereznyuk

Wednesday, 11 August, 15.00, room 417

  1. A.Slinko On Computable Groups and Rings

  2. J.Case Inductive Inference of S01- vs. S02-definition of Computable Functions

  3. L.V.Shabunin Embedding Theorem for Cantor Varieties
  4. Sh.Ishmukhametov Initial Segments of Turing Degrees

  5. O.V.Kudinov Criteria of P11-Completness

Friday, 13 August, 15.00, room 417

  1. M.V.Korovina, O.V.Kudinov Majorant-computable Functionals and Applications

  2. R.V.Romanov Non-machine Analogoues of Polinomial Computability

  3. S.Yu.Podzorov Computable Homogeneous Boolean Algebras

  4. A.V.Romina Autostability of Hyperarithmetic Models

  5. K.V.Korovin Some Algorithmic Properties of Permutations

Saturday, 14 August, 15.00, room 417

  1. S.A.Badaev Computability in the Hierarhies of Ershov and Kleene-Mostowski

  2. P.E.Alaev Computable Families of Superatomic Boolean Algebras and Index Sets

  3. V.L.Selivanov On Decidability of some Classes of Regular Languages and omega-Languages

  4. V.G.Puzarenko On Computability over Models of Decidable Theories