Tuesday, August 10

11.00-12.30 Visiting the tomb of Malcev

14.00-14.30 Opening ceremony

Greetings from Kulibanov, vice-president of SB RAS

Greetings from M.M.Lavrentiev, director of the Institute of Mathematics

I.A.Lavrov, secretary of RAS, read the greatings from Yu.S.Osipov, President of RAS

14.30-15.30 Yu.L.Ershov "275 Annivesary of RAS"

15.30-16.30 J.Knight "Categoricity"

16.30-17.30 L.Beklemishev "Induction for decidable relations and bounded query computation"

Excibition of the books of Publishing House "Science Book"

V.S.Diev near the excibition

S.S.Goncharov near the excibition