The International Conference on Mathematical Logic

Second announcement

The International Conference on Mathematical Logic will be held in Novosibirsk, RUSSIA, 10-15, August 1999. It is dedicated to A.I.Mal'tsev (1909-1967) 90-th birthday anniversary and 275-th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A workshop on computability and complexity theory will be scheduled during the conference. The programme committee includes Ershov Yu.L.(chairman), Adyan S.I., Cooper B., Engeler E., Goncharov S.S., Lempp S., Macintyre A., Maksimova L.L., Matiyasevich Yu.V., Nerode A., Ono H., Palyutin E.A., Peretyat'kin M.G., Prestel A., Razborov A.A., Schwichtenberg H., Soare R., Taitslin M.A. The chairman of the local organizing committee is S.S.Goncharov. The conference program is of wide scope including Model Theory, Computability Theory, Proof Theory, Logic Foundation of Computer Science. Invited speakers include Konigsman J., Zilber B.I., Starchenko S., Berger U., Leivant D., Beklemishev L., Baldwin J., Knight J., Cholak P., Wainer S.

The conference will start on Tuesday, August 10, in the afternoon, and end on Saturday, August 14, until afternoon. There will be five working days and one free day (August 12, excursion).

Abstracts (one-page limit in 12 pt font, either plain ASCII or LaTeX) will be published and should be sent (and gotten by the deadline of June 1, 1999) to: Morozov A.S., Conference on Mathematical Logic, Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia,, or can be submitted (using facilities of Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts) via Your text will immediately become available to everyone via This will be done automatically and doesn't imply acceptance of the paper. The Program Committee will notify you about acceptance/rejection of your paper not later than June 15, 1999.

Participation fee equivalent to US $50 (this does not include accommodation, subsistence, excursion, banquet) should be paid after arrival, for participants from NIS-countries it could be reduced (if you apply).

The meeting will take place in the building of Institute of Mathematics of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. We suggest that all participants stay in the nearby hotel "Zolotaya Dolina" or at the campus of Novosibirsk State University. Current prices (per day) at the hotel (can be slightly different in August) are as follows (breakfast is not included!):

                | Prices for NIS citizen    |     Other countries
Apartment       |per apartment| per person  |per apartment| per person
Single-room for | 230 roubles | 115 roubles |     $16     |     $8
two persons     |             |             |             |
                |             |             |             |
Single-room for | 140 roubles |             |     $10     |
one person      | 200 roubles |             |     $14     |
                |             |             |             |
Two-rooms for   | 320 roubles |             |     $30     |
one person      |             |             |             |
                |             |             |             |
Three-rooms for |             |             |             |
one persons     |1000 roubles |             |     $40     |

Rooms should be booked early enough (preferably 1-1.5 months in advance), so inform us, please. Please, inform us if you are going to share the room with particular person. If you prefer to stay in another hotel/flat, let us know, too.

You can register by filling in and e-mailing the registration form to: Upon registration, the Organizing Committee will send official invitation required for application for a visa. This process takes some time so we suggest that you register immediately, that is even before confirmation of acceptance of your paper.

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Last modified 19 April 1999