Section "Proof theory and logic foundations of computer science"

Heads - Maksimova, Pal'chunov, Rybakov, Leivant, Nepeivoda, Vasil'ev

Secretary - P.Shreiner

Wednesday, 11 August, 15.00

  1. S.P.Odintsov On j-algebras and j-frames
  2. D.E.Tishkovskij On Beth property in Lukasiewicz logics
  3. N.N.Nepejvoda About interrelation Ón ZF and NF
  4. A.Yashin
  5. P.Shreiner Continua of equality free superintuitionistic logics without the Beth property
  6. Dawar A., Lisitsa A. Predicative SO-logics on finite models
  7. V.Dobritsa, G.Yah'yaeva On groops with fuzzy operations
  8. V.Zaharov, A.Mikhalev Sets, categories and mathematical systems as levels of the foundations of mathemtics
  9. V.Murzina

Friday, 13 August, 15.00

  1. N.N.Nepejvoda What logics are logics
  2. E.E.Vityaev Probabilistic logical dependencies
  3. D.E.Pal'chunov Syntactical nnearness of formulas
  4. M.V.Korovina Logical approach to specification of hybrid systems
  5. V.Sh.Gumirov On a connectioon between object-oriented programming and semantic programming