Section "Model theory"

Heads - Palyutin, Baldwin, Zil'ber

Wednesday, 11 August, 15.00

  1. O.V.Belegradek Definable sets in expansions of ordered abelian groups by bounded relations
  2. S.V.Sudoplatov Type identifications in trigonometrical theories
  3. A.G.Pinus On the functions which commute with the semigroups of transformations of algebras

Friday, 13 August, 15.00

  1. Russell May A new proof that J<l is generated from J<l by adding a singleton
  2. Philip Ehrlich Number systems with simplicity hierarchies: a generalisation of Conway's theory of surreal numbers
  3. A.S.Denisov The satisfiability of alternative formulas

Saturday, 14 August, 15.00

  1. A.V.Trofimov Elementary properties of expanded Ershov algebras
  2. S.A.Chikhachev On the number of algebraic models of universal theories