International conference
"Logic and Applications"

Accepted abstracts

Abdykhalykov A. T. Metabelian Leibnitz algebras
Abutalipova Sh. U. Inclusion problem for bi-modules over polynomial rings
Akhtyamov R. B. On index sets
Ashaev I. V. Analogues of the arithmetical hierarchy in generalized computability
Badaev S. A., Goncharov S. S. Ershov's problems on minimal numberings
Baizhanov B. S. Types and expansions of models of weakly o-minimal and stable theories by unary predicates
Bardakov V. G. A property of groups with subexponential growth
Bazhanov V. A. The problem of assimilation of great discoveries in the history of logic
Belyakin N. V., Ganov V. A. A modification of the choice principle
Belyakin N. V., Pobedin L. N. Towards an alternative infinity
Bel'tyukov A. P. A complexity hierarchy of finite equi-accessable address machines
Biryukov P. A., Mishkin V. V. Set ideals with isomorphic symmetry groups
Bludov V. V. Geometrical equivalence of groups and quasivarieties
Boiko V. A. Lobachevskii and Kant
Bredikhin D. A. N-variables logic and Jonsson's algebra of relations
Budkin A. I. Quasivarieties containing nilpotent torsion free groups
Bulatov A. A. Three-element Mal'tsev algebras
Burlutskii V. V. An approach to realization of inference in different modal systems
Degtev A. N. On combinatorail selector sets
Denisov A. S. Validity of excentric formulas
Dobritsa V. P., Leonov M. G. Distingushing limit reducibilities and limit bounded reducibilities
Dobritsa V. P., Yakh"ayeva G. E. Homomorphisms of fuzzy groups
Dudakov S. M. The logic program model updates complexity (deletion case)
Eremin I. I. Duality in the disjunctive programming
Fedorishin B. R. Finite approximability by admissibility for inference rules of superintuitionistic logics
Fil'kin A. V. The lattice of asynchronous congruences of an automaton
Glushkova V. N., Sidorenko V. S. Computable S-models
Golovanova E. M. A class of structurally complete $S4$-logics of width 2
Guts A. K. Many-valued logic and many-variant world
Guts A. K., Zvyagintsev A. A. Intuitionistic geometry and the space-time signature
Hirschfeldt D. Structure and nonstructure in computable model theory
Il'icheva O. A. Effective tools of logic modelling and projecting complex systems
Ishmukhametov Sh. T. Embeddings into weakly recursive degrees
Kalimullin I. Sh. Splitting properties of n-c.e. enumeration degrees
Kamel'chuk E. N. Plato and "The perfect age for marriage"
Khisamiev A. N. Relationship between T-degrees and S-degrees of models
Khisamiev N. G. Constructive abelian groups
Khoussainov B. and Rubin S. Finite automata and algebraic structures
Khramtsov D. G. Homomorphisms of automorphism groups of free groups
Kirichenko K. D. A criterion for the absence of repetitions for functions of the algebra of logic in a binary basis
Knyazev O. V. Algebras with relatively pure subalgebras
Kochkarev B. S. Structural properties of a class of maximal Sperner families of subsets of a finite set
Kondrat'ev A. S., Mazurov V. D. 2-signalizers of finite simple groups
Korol'kov Yu. D. Index sets of discrete families of general recursive functions
Korovina M. V., Kudinov O. V. Semantical characterization of computability over real numbers without identity
Krasnikov A. F. Some properties of the group F/[N,N]
Kron A. A generalization of the P-W problem
Kuznetsov A. M. Multidimensional algebra on generalized sequences of classes
Kuz'min E. N. Lie superalgebras of small dimensions
Latkin I. V. Constructivizability of the tensor product
Lenyuk S. V. Filters of the lattice of quasivarieties of NcA-groups
Levchuk V. M. Abelian ideals of some radical rings
Litvinova M. V. Bases of quasi-identities of some quasivarieties
Lyaletskii A. V. Sequential formalism and deductive systems for the classical first-order logic
Ma J. An alternative solution to the frame problem
Mardaev S. I. Definability of least fixed points
Martynov L. M. Reduced varieties of monoids and semigroups with zero
Matlashevskaya O. V. The elementary theory of the class of finite simple rigid lattices
Medvedev N. Ya. Embeddings into lattice fully orderable groups
Mikhalev A. V., Zakharov V. K. Set-theoretical foundations for category theory
Mikheeva E. A. On the depth of closed classes with no finite bases in Lk
Molchanov V. A. Nonstandard approach to algebraic theory of words on finite automata and semigroups
Murzina V .F. Temporal logics based on A-spaces
Nagrebetskaya Yu. V. On boundaries of solvability of rings of integer matrices
Nepeivoda N. N. Reversive constructive logic
Omanadze R. Sh. On complexity properties of recursively enumerable sets and closure systems
Otryvankina T. M. On pseudovarieties of finite algebraic automata
Palyutin E. A. Elementary classification of primitively connected structures
Pankov S. V. Parallel-subsequent verification of distributed SPMD-programs with asynchronous interrelations
Pankratov A. V. Some properties of e-degrees of cototal sets
Panteleev V. I., Peryazev N. N. Operators over variables on the set of functions of the algebra of logic
Peretyat'kin M. G. Polar construction of finitely axiomatizable theories
Pinus A. G. The scale of potentials of computability of n-element algebras
Popov V. Yu. The problem of recognizing equational recursivity
Pozhidaev A. P. Enveloping algebras of 3-Lie algebras
Puninskaya V. A. Modules with few models over a commutative valuation ring
Pupyshev V. V. Interpretation of intuitionistic propositional calculus in C programming language
Puzarenko V. G. Theories of admissible sets with a single model
Pyrkin S. G. m-equivalence of finitely axiomatizable nonvanishing I-algebras
Repnitskii V. B., Vernitskii A. S. On the representation of semigroups by semigroups of order-presenting mappings on chains
Reznikov V. M. Kolmogorov's concept of probability theory: a philosophical analysis
Sakunova E. S. P-reducibility and the category Kp of partial recursive functions
Salii V. N. Minimal varieties of semigrous and quasi-Boolean powers
Savel'ev L. Ya. Orthoadditive measures
Selivanov V. L. On two conjectures of W. Wadge
Semenova M. V. Unique irredundant decompositions in complete lattices
Semigrodskikh A. P. Closed classes of primitive recursive functions
Shabunin L. V. Undecidability of the elementary theory of Cantor varieties
Simonov A. A. Algebraic structures generated by two consistent functional relations
Sokulina I. N., Abrosimov M. B. Some aspects of the use of many-level systems of evaluation of the knowledge
Solon B. Ya. The distributivity of S2 e-degrees
Spreen D. Can partial numberings be totalized?
Stepanova A. A. Monoids with superstable planar polygons
Sudoplatov S. V. Immersion of trigonometrical groups into nonisolated types
Timoshenko E. I. Test elements and test rank of the free metabelian group
Tolstykh V. A. Short towers of automorphisms
Trofimov A. V. Countably categorical Boolean algebras with distinguished Ershov subalgebras
Tronin S. N. Abstract clones and operads
Vasenin V. A. Scientific educational networks, new informational technologies, and applications
Vasil'ev S. N. Zherlov A. K. Calculi of formulas with type quantifiers: strategies and modifiers
Verbovskii V. V. On unary functions definable in coset-minimal ordered groups
Vikent'ev A. A. Metrics and information on formulas of the classical propositional calculus
Vinokurov S. F. Decomposition of Boolean functions with respect to wreath operators
Volkov M. V. Algorithmic problems for finite semigroups and finite automata
Yagzhev A. V. Engel algebras satisfying the Capelli identities
Yakh"yaeva G. E. Free fuzzy groups
Yashin A. D. Interpretation of intuitionistic propositional logic in intuitionistic protothetics
Zakharov S. D. Representation of generalized Fibonacci sequences
Zenkov A. V. Partial orders on the group of order automorphisms of rational numbers
Zhelyabin V. N. Spaces of monotone convergence in logic programming
Zhil'tsov I. Yu. k-Recursivity of the class of finite aperiodic semigroups
Zhurtov A. Kh. Groups of regular automorphisms of abelian groups
Zubkov O. V. Representability of functions of the algebra of logic by sums of a special form