Abstract submission

The size of abstract is one page in the rectangle 160 x 240 mm. Text must be prepared in LATEX, typed in 1.5 line space, font size - 12 pt (documentstyle [12pt] ):

  1. title in CAPITAL letters;
  2. on a new line initials and author's name in small letter for each authors;
  3. leave one line space, begin text on a new line;
  4. references;
  5. author's information (at the bottom of page: first name, last name, affiliation, mail address, phone, fax, e-mail).

All abstracts should be sent to the conference office by e-mail scor98@math.nsc.ru  (preferably) or mail. Indicate a section where you would like to give a lecture.

Example of abstract


A special issue of "Discrete Analysis and Operations Research" will be published with contributed papers shortly after the Conference. Deadline for paper submission to the issue is September 1, 1998.

Address: Prof. A.Korshunov, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, pr.Akademika Koptyuga, 4, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia, e-mail discopr@math.nsc.ru