Editorial office address

Address: Sobolev Institute of Mathematics,
4 Acad. Koptyug Ave.,
630090 Novosibirsk, Russia.

Phone: (383) 329-75-79
E-mail: discopr@math.nsc.ru

Editorial Manager:
Puzynina Natalya Mikhailovna

In this journal we publish original research papers and survey papers of both theoretical and practical importance on the following topics of discrete analysis, operations research and informatics:
  • discrete optimization
  • discrete structures and optimization problems
  • combinatorics
  • control and reliability of discrete devices
  • mathematical programming
  • decision making models and methods
  • models of facility location and replacement of equipment
  • economic models
  • management modeling
  • design and analysis of algorithms
  • synthesis and complexity of control systems
  • automata theory
  • graph theory
  • game theory and its applications
  • coding theory
  • theory of scheduling
  • theory of functional systems

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