Algebra and Logic

Editor: Yuri L. Ershov, Novosibirsk State University and Institute of  Mathematics, Russia

Associate Editor: Sergei S. Goncharov, Novosibirsk State University and Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Informatics, Russia

Editorial Board: Secretary: A.N. Ryaskin; O.H. Kegel, Freiburg, Germany; V.K. Kharchenko; A. Macintyre, Oxford, UK; V.D. Mazurov; A. Nerode, Ithaca, NY; N.S. Romanovskii; I.P. Shestakov; E.I. Zelmanov, Chicago, IL

"Algebra and Logic" is a translation of "Algebra i Logika", a publication of the Siberian Fund for Algebra and Logic. This bimonthly journal publishes papers presented at the meetings of the seminar "Algebra and Logic" in Novosibirsk State University. The journal was founded by A.I. Mal'tsev in 1962.

ISSN 0002-5232

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"Algebra and Logic" is published by Springer Science+Business Media/Consultants Bureau, 233 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013, USA.

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