The Schedule of the Seminar
«Geometry, Topology, and Their Applications»
over the 2007-2008 academic year

30.07.2008. B.A. Dubrovin (SISSA, Trieste, Italy). Hamiltonian partial differential equations and the universality problem.
26.05.2008. On diploma works:
  • A.S. Voloshin. Riemannian geometry of piecewise-linear surfaces.
  • I.P. Rybnikov. The Hamiltonian formalism of the minimal surface equations in the three-dimensional Lie groups Nil and SL2(R).
19.05.2008. On diploma works:
  • M.A. Bedareva. On commuting differential operators of rank two corresponding to singular spectral curves.
  • D.Yu. Kushnir. On three-dimensional knotted graph invariants.
  • G.G. Zueva. On discrete analogues of orthogonal curvilinear coordinate systems corresponding to singular spectral curves.
  • A.N. Vorobtsova. On first integrals of a magnetic geodesic flow.
12.05.2008. A.A. Chesnokov. Symmetries, generalized characteristics and exact solutions of integro-differential equations in long-wave theory.
05.05.2008. On diploma works:
  • S.V. Dyatlov. Positively curved quotions under some nonfree actions.
  • E.G. Malkovich. G2-holonomy riemannian metrics related to 3-sasakian manifolds.
  • I.V. Matvienko. Four-dimensional T2-manifolds with positive Ricci curvature.
21.04.2008. A.D. Mednykh. Hyperbolic and spherical volumes of knots and links.
14.04.2008. K.K. Izmailova, A.A. Cherevko, A.P. Chupakhin. Vortex solutions of the Schrodinger equation with cubic nonlinearity.
07.04.2008. M.V. Neshchadim. Differential relations in the inverse kinematic problem.
31.03.2008. S.B. Medvedev. Normal forms for partial differential equations.
24.03.2008. I.A. Taimanov. On the Moutard transformation of two-dimensional Schrodinger operators and its applications.II.
17.03.2008. I.A. Taimanov. On the Moutard transformation of two-dimensional Schrodinger operators and its applications.I.
03.03.2008. N.V. Abrosimov. On the volume of spherical octahedra with symmetries.
18.02.2008. N.N. Tokareva. Bent functions: survey of results.
11.02.2008. K.V. Storozhuk. Almost unshortened approximate eigenvectors.
21.01.2008. V.G. Gorbounov (University of Aberdeen, Great Britain).On the invariants of projective varieties and divergent series.
10.12.2007. K.V. Storozhuk. Approximating compact sets and asymptotical properties of semigroups of linear operators.
03.12.2007. A.E. Mironov. Hamiltonian minimal Lagrangian tori in CP3.
26.11.2007. R.M. Garipov, V.A. Churkin. On quasicrystallographic groups in the sence of Novikov.
19.11.2007. V.A. Sharafutdinov. On a nonlinear problem of polarisation tomography.II.
12.11.2007. V.A. Sharafutdinov. On a nonlinear problem of polarisation tomography.I.
29.10.2007. K.K. Izmailova. The Frommer method of studying of exact solutions in the magnetic gas dynamics.
22.10.2007. A.P. Chupakhin. Hydrodynamics on rotating sphere.
15.10.2007. V.N. Grebenev. Metric properties of a manifold defined by two-point correlation tensor for homogeneous isotropic turbulence.
08.10.2007. A.A. Pomeransky. Inverse scattering problem method and new solutions in higher-dimensional gravity.
01.10.2007. Ya.A. Kopylov. Some problems of homological algebra in quasi-abelian categories.
24.09.2007. M. Mulazzani (University of Bologna, Italy). Heegaard decomposition of links and extending homeomorphisms of surfaces.
22.09.2007. U. Abresch (University of Bochum, Germany). On exotic low-dimensional spheres and real projective spaces.
20.09.2007. A.I. Shafarevich (Moscow). On some properties of solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations.
19.09.2007. A.A. Yakovlev (Ufa). Adiabatic limits on some riemannian manifolds.
17.09.2007. U. Abresch (University of Bochum, Germany). Surface theory in homogeneous 3-manifolds.
11.09.2007. V.N. Berestovski (Omsk). δ-Homogeneous riemannian manifolds.
10.09.2007. R.R. Faizullin (Omsk). Invariant variational problems on homogeneous spaces.