The Schedule of the Seminar
«Geometry, Topology, and Their Applications»
over the 2010-2011 academic year

31.08.2011. S.P. Tsarev (Krasnoyarsk).
Integrable systems of hydrodynamic type: an introduction.
24.08.2011. I.V. Arzhantsev (Moscow).
Flexibility of affine algebraic varieties.
22.08.2011. M.V. Pavlov (Moscow).
Integrable hydrodynamic chains and the method of hydrodynamic reductions.
27.07.2011. I.V. Mineyev (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA).
The geodesic flow space and symmetric join for hyperbolic groups.
25.07.2011. A.A. Kolpakov (Fribourg, Switzerland).
The asymptotic growth and co-volume for hyperbolic Coxeter groups. A question of E. Hironaka.
11.07.2011. M.A. Batanin (Macquarie University, Australia).
Natural operations on the Hochschild complex.
27.06.2011. F.G. Korablev (Chelyabinsk).
Root uniqueness of knots in thickened surfaces and prime decomposition of virtual knots.
17.06.2011. A.V. Topovsky.
The construction of exact solutions with functional parameters of (2+1)-dimensional integrable nonlinear equations by D-bar-dressing method.
26.05.2011. T.A. Kozlovskaya.
Branched cyclic coverings of the lens spaces.
23.05.2011. E.A. Kuznetsov (Moscow).
A Hamiltonian description of vortex lines motion in ideal fluids.
16.05.2011. A.G. Sukhonos (Vladivostok).
Sheaf cohomology and the dimensions of the Chu spaces.
25.04.2011. E.A. Fominykh (Chelyabinsk).
Exact values of the complexity for Paoluzzi-Zimmermann manifolds.
22.04.2011. D.V. Egorov (Yakutsk).
QR-submanifolds and Riemannian metrics with G2 holonomy.
18.04.2011. On diploma works:
  • S.V. Agapov. On polynominal fourth degree integrals of natural mechanical system on a two-dimensional torus.
  • E.E. Bityukova. Solutions of the sinh-Gordon equation corresponding to singular spectral curves.
  • A.V. Skoknina. Hamiltonian minimal Lagrangian surfaces in C2.
  • A.A. Pikhnova. A discrete model for the Ricci flow for surfaces in R3.
  • N.M. Tauber. The causality properties of the Taub-NUT space.
11.04.2011. On diploma works:
  • V.N. Davletshina. The N-component Korteweg–de Vries equation.
  • A.V. Litvintseva. Unsplittable links in spatial embeddings of complete graphs.
  • M.A. Melchakova. Analysis for the metricity of the Shepard-Toguchi-Oono algorithm (nonmetric multidimensional scaling).
  • K.Yu. Shmelkov. Volumes of non-Euclidean right-angled polyhedra.
04.04.2011. I.M. Peshkov.
A numerical simulation for skew colliding of plates (on the problem of metal welding by explosion).
28.03.2011. V.G. Bardakov.
Dynnikov's coordinates on virtual braid groups.
21.03.2011. V.A. Churkin.
A survey on the theory of random matrices.
04.03.2011. A.V. Nenashev.
A distribution of elastic deformation in a polyhedral shaped quantum dot.
28.02.2011. A.E. Mironov.
What is the Hitchin system.II.
25.02.2011. I.M. Peshkov.
A model of hyperelastic material and finite elastoplastic deformations.
21.02.2011. D.B. Zotev (Volgograd).
Analogs of Liouville's theorem in the case of contact singularities of symplectic structure.
18.02.2011. S.K. Godunov.
The elasticity equations and dislocations.
14.02.2011. A.E. Mironov.
What is the Hitchin system.I.
31.01.2011. A.N. Plotnikova.
The short-time existence of a flow which depends quadratically on the Ricci tensor.
24.01.2011. S.V. Dyatlov (Berkeley, USA).
Black holes and scattering theory.
17.01.2011. Ya.V. Bazaikin.
On causal properties of symmetric Lorentzian spaces.
10.01.2011. A.A. Kolpakov (Fribourg, Switzerland).
Deformation of finite-volume hyperbolic Coxeter polyhedra, limiting growth rates and Pisot numbers.
13.12.2010. I.P. Rybnikov.
Minimal Lagrangian submanifolds with diagonal metric in CPn.
06.12.2010. D.V. Egorov (Yakutsk).
A new equation on lower dimensional Calabi-Yau metrics.
29.11.2010. S.K. Godunov.
A thermodynamical formalization for hydrodynamics equations.
22.11.2010. M.V. Neshchadim.
The compatibility theory for systems of differential equations (a survey on the Janet-Cartan theory).
15.11.2010. V.A. Garanzha (Moscow).
On the exterior discrete curvatures of dual polyhedra.
08.11.2010. M.V. Neshchadim.
The compatibility theory for systems of differential equations (a survey on the Riquier theory).
01.11.2010. K.V. Storozhuk.
On the Kronecker sets and dense windings of infinite-dimensional tori.
25.10.2010. M.V. Korobkov.
On the Morse–Sard theorem for Sobolev functions and applications to fluid mechanics.
19.10.2010. S.V. Golovin.
A natural coordinate system for magnetic hydrodynamics equations. Motions with constant total pressure.
18.10.2010. I.V. Matvienko.
On moment-angle manifolds with positive Ricci curvature.
11.10.2010. M.V. Neshchadim, A.P. Chupakhin.
On singular solutions to the equations of motion of continuous media with special thermodynamics.
05.10.2010. V.E. Lopatkin (Komsomolsk-on-Amur).
On an investigation of mathematical models of parallel computing systems by methods of algebraic topology.
04.10.2010. A.S. Krivonogov.
On matrices with real-valued spectrum in the Lie algebra of real symplectic matrices.I.
01.10.2010. V.A. Gaiko (Minsk).
On the Hilbert 16th problem.
27.09.2010. V.M. Khatsymovsky.
Faddeev's generalization of the formulation of gravity as an embedding theory.
20.09.2010. I.P. Rybnikov.
On orthogonal curvilinear coordinate systems in constant curvature spaces.
13.09.2010. V.A. Churkin.
A classification of self-adjoint operators in the Minkowski spaces.
02.09.2010. S.P. Tsarev (Krasnoyarsk).
Hyperdeterminants as discrete integrable systems.
01.09.2010. O.I. Mokhov (Moscow).
Consistent metrics and Riemannian invariants of nonlocal bi-Hamiltonian systems of hydrodynamic type.
01.09.2010. S.P. Tsarev (Krasnoyarsk).
Integrable potentials in the celestial mechanics.