The Schedule of the Seminar
«Geometry, Topology, and Their Applications»
over the 2011-2012 academic year

09.08.2012. R.G. Novikov (Palaiseau, France).
Non-abelian Radon transform and its applications.
08.08.2012. F.M. Fedorov (Yakutsk).
Foundations of the theory of infinite systems of linear algebraic equations.
31.07.2012. Ya.V. Bazaikin.
Persistent homology and algorithms for its computations.
30.07.2012. E.I. Shamaev (Yakutsk).
Embedded minimal tori in S^3 and the Lawson conjecture (after S. Brendle).
25.07.2012. V.E. Lopatkin (Komsomolsk-on-Amur).
Cohomology of free partially commutative monoids.
23.07.2012. S.V. Dyatlov (Berkeley, USA).
Resonances for hyperbolic manifolds.
20.07.2012. E.I. Shamaev (Yakutsk).
Non-collapsing in mean-convex mean curvature flow (after B. Andrews).
19.07.2012. S.V. Dyatlov (Berkeley, USA).
An introduction to quantum chaos.
21.05.2012. On diploma works:
  • N.S. Orlova. The integral stability of classes of solutions to some differential equations.
  • A.E. Sultimov. A connection between elliptic systems of linear PDEs and equations with quasiconvex functions and null-Lagrangians.
17.05.2012. V.V. Kozlov (Moscow).
Polynomial in momenta integrals of Hamilton equations, divergent series and distributions.
14.05.2012. S.K. Godunov.
Modelling of "ideal" and residual deformations.
04.05.2012. M.S. Verbitsky (Moscow).
A Kähler structure on the space of knots in a G2 manifold.
03.05.2012. M.S. Verbitsky (Moscow).
A trisymplectic structure and it's applications to mathematical theory of instantons.
02.05.2012. M.S. Verbitsky (Moscow).
A proof of the global Torelli theorem for hyperkähler manifolds.
23.04.2012. O.G. Bagina (Kemerovo).
Plane tessellations of convex pentagons.
09.04.2012. V.M. Khatsymovsky.
The area quantization and its role in consistent description of a black hole.
02.04.2012. I.P. Ivanov (Liege, Belgium).
The SU(N)-orbits space and certain applications in physics.
26.03.2012. K.V. Storozhuk.
Normal cones and geometry of Banach spaces.
23.03.2012. A.Ya. Davletbaev, A.A. Yakovlev (Ufa).
Field cases and laboratory investigations for filtration process: linear and nonlinear laws.
23.03.2012. A.A. Yakovlev (Ufa).
Geometry of random fields and its applications in petrol industry.
22.03.2012. A.A. Yakovlev (Ufa).
Adiabatic limits and problems in number theory.
19.03.2012. A.V. Greshnov.
Homogeneous nilpotent approximation of C1 smooth basis vector fields satisfying (+deg) condition.
12.03.2012. A.P. Chupakhin.
Hemodynamics of vessels abnormalities of a brain.
05.03.2012. O.A. Bogoyavlenskaya.
On deformations of cones with G2 holonomy.
27.02.2012. P.I. Plotnikov.
Kolmogorov's theorem for lower-dimensional invariant tori of Hamiltonian systems.
20.02.2012. M.V. Kotov (Omsk).
On topologizable countable equationally Noetherian algebras.
13.02.2012. V.M. Khatsymovsky.
Faddeev's gravity: the first order formalism and discrete forms.
12.12.2011. A.A. Gaifullin (Moscow).
Local combinatorial formulae for Pontryagin's classes of triangulated manifolds.
23.11.2011. E.V. Troitsky (Moscow).
Around the higher signatures problem.
21.11.2011. Ya.V. Bazaikin.
Morse theory and numerical algorithms for computation of topological characteristics of three-dimensional bodies.
14.11.2011. I.V. Podvigin.
Estimates for the rate of convergence in the Birkhoff ergodic theorem for billiards and Anosov systems.
07.11.2011. V.V. Sedalishchev.
Constants for the rate of convergence in the von Neumann and Birkhoff ergodic theorems.
31.10.2011. M.V. Neshchadim.
Algebro-analytical methods for exploring problems in mathematical physics.II.
24.10.2011. M.V. Neshchadim.
Algebro-analytical methods for exploring problems in mathematical physics.I.
17.10.2011. I.V. Kalgin, S.F. Chekmarev.
Dynamics of protein folding and turbulence effects.
10.10.2011. M.A. Guzev (Vladivostok).
Structure of stress and deformation field in the Riemannian model of continuous media.
03.10.2011. A.E. Mironov.
Self-adjoint commuting differential operators and commutative subalgebras of the Weyl algebra.
26.09.2011. A.D. Mednykh.
Discrete point of view on the theory of Riemannian surfaces.II.
19.09.2011. A.D. Mednykh.
Discrete point of view on the theory of Riemannian surfaces.I.
12.09.2011. T.E. Panov (Moscow).
Geometrical structures on moment-angle manifolds.
05.09.2011. D.S. Chelkak (St.Petersburg).
Factorization property for a discrete harmonic measure and geometry of discrete simply connected domains.