The Schedule of the Seminar
«Geometry, Topology, and Their Applications»
over the 2012-2013 academic year

27.08.2013. S.P. Tsarev (Krasnoyarsk).
Classical mechanical integrable systems with one-and-a-half degrees of freedom and the Vlasov kinetic equation.
26.08.2013. A.G. Kusraev (Vladikavkaz).
On the classification of injective Banach lattices.
19.06.2013. Yu.L. Sachkov (Pereslavl-Zalessky).
Integrability of free nilpotent sub-Riemannian structure with the growth vector (2,3,5,8).
17.06.2013. S.K. Godunov.
Modeling of elastoplastic deformations.
13.06.2013. S.K. Godunov.
Numerical solutions of Maxwell's equations.
10.06.2013. S.K. Godunov.
Legendre transformation and one-dimensional gas dynamics.
03.06.2013. A.E. Mironov.
Finite-gap operators with elliptic coefficients.
27.05.2013. N.G. Zagoruiko.
Functions of rival similarity.
22.05.2013. A.A. Yakovlev (Ufa).
Evaluation of the internal structure and reproduction of heterogeneity of the geological structure in the subterranian fluid mechanics by mathematical modeling.
20.05.2013. N.A. Tyurin (Dubna).
Pseudotoric geometry: construction of non-standard Lagrangian tori and Lagrangian fibrations.
13.05.2013. On diploma works:
  • S.P. Maslovskaya. Geometrical properties of asymptotically conical manifolds with G2-structure.
  • A.B. Fedotov. Deformations of isometrical immersions and embeddings of a hyperbolic plane into multidimensional Euclidean spaces.
08.05.2013. D.L. Shepelyansky (Toulouse, France).
Google matrix of Markov chains.
29.04.2013. On diploma works:
  • S.V. Agapov. On polynominal integrals of natural mechanical system on a two-dimensional torus.
  • G.S. Mauleshova. Commuting difference operators.
  • M.A. Melchakova. Geometrical analogues of genetic distances.
  • A.A. Smirnova. On cycles in nonlinear models of gene networks.
24.04.2013. A.Yu. Vesnin.
Volumes of three-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds: results and applications.
08.04.2013. D.A. Shapiro.
Scattering of evanescent wave on cylinders.
21.02.2013. A.S. Galaev (Masaryk University, Brno).
Holonomy groups of supermanifolds.
18.02.2013. A.S. Galaev (Masaryk University, Brno).
A classification of holonomy groups of Lorentzian manifolds and its applications.
22.01.2013. Ya. Friedman (Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel).
A wave-function description of an electromagnetic field.
11.01.2013. V.G. Gorbounov (University of Aberdeen, Great Britain).
Quantum cohomology and quantum groups.
21.12.2012. H.K. Ishkin (Ufa).
On spectrally unstable operators.II.
20.12.2012. H.K. Ishkin (Ufa).
On spectrally unstable operators.I.
10.12.2012. V.E. Lopatkin (Komsomolsk-on-Amur).
A multiplication in cohomologies with non-constant coefficients.
03.12.2012. A.E. Gutman.
On maps which preserve convergence.
26.11.2012. K.V. Storozhuk.
Topological approach to the Frobenius and Chow-Rashevsky theorems.
19.11.2012. L.N. Romakina (Saratov).
Fan triangulations of the hyperbolic plane of positive curvature.
12.11.2012. L.N. Romakina (Saratov).
On the hyperbolic plane of positive curvature.
29.10.2012. O.A. Bogoyavlenskaya.
On new family of complete Riemannian metrics on S3× R4 with G2-holonomy.
23.10.2012. G.A. Baigonakova (Gorno-Altaysk).
On the volumes of non-Euclidean polyhedra.
22.10.2012. S.K. Godunov.
Geometrical aspects of elasticity and plasticity.
15.10.2012. A.V. Kelmanov.
On some algorithms for detecting fragments in sequences.
08.10.2012. V.A. Sharafutdinov.
Using of the Faraday rotation for recovering stresses in glass.
02.10.2012. On diploma works:
  • T.M. Zolotareva.
    Pseudo Riemannian metrics with signature (2,2) and exceptional holonomies.
01.10.2012. S.K. Vodopyanov.
On geometry of vector fields and regularity of the solutions of subelliptic equations.II.
24.09.2012. S.K. Vodopyanov.
On geometry of vector fields and regularity of the solutions of subelliptic equations.I.
17.09.2012. A.N. Bondarenko, D.S. Ivaschenko.
Numerical algorithms for solving direct and inverse problems in the anomalous diffusion theory.
05.09.2012. A.Z. Ananin (Campinas, Brazil).
Surfaces uniformized by holomorphic 2-ball.
03.09.2012. D.L. Shepelyansky (Toulouse, France).
A conversation on a quantum computer.