The Schedule of the Seminar
«Geometry, Topology, and Their Applications»
over the 2013-2014 academic year

06.06.2014. A.I. Bufetov (Moscow).
The Borodin-Olshansky problem.
02.06.2014. A. Bahri (Rutgers University, USA).
Fredholm and compactness issues in some variational problems.
26.05.2014. On diploma works:
  • V.A. Bukreeva. The stability of certain mapping classes in the Sobolev norms.
  • K.S. Gotin. A presentation of the virtual braid groups in the castle algebra.
  • Kh.Zh. Kozhasov. A geometrical flow in the space of G2-structures on the cone over S3× S3.
  • N.E. Russkikh. The Eschenburg spaces as orbifold fibrations.
23.05.2014. A.D. Dolgov (University of Ferrara, Italy).
On the progress in cosmology in the recent years.
19.05.2014. On diploma works:
  • A.A. Pikhnova. The stability of persistent characteristics in different norms.
  • A.A. Smirnova. On cycles in nonlinear models of gene networks.
  • K.Yu. Shmelkov. An application of persistent homology to investigation of virus evolution.
12.05.2014. E.A. Fominykh (Chelyabinsk).
The complexity of 3-manifolds: exact values and upper bounds.
05.05.2014. A.V. Masley.
Discrete groups of isometries of hyperbolic 3-space.
28.04.2014. D.V. Parshin.
A stationary Ovsyannikov vortex as an exact solution of differential equations of gas dynamics with gravity.
23.04.2014. A.E. Mamontov.
A review of results on solvability of equations of viscous compressible fluids.
07.04.2014. A.E. Mironov.
Integrable geodesic flows on the two-dimensional torus.
19.03.2014. I.M. Kulikov.
Modeling the dynamics of interacting galaxies on a hybrid supercomputer.
03.03.2014. A.E. Mamontov.
A survey of results on the solvability of the Navier-Stokes equations of incompressible fluid.
24.02.2014. A.A. Ageev.
Discrete optimization: main concepts, typical results and open questions.
17.02.2014. M.A. Shishlenin.
Numerical algorithms for solution of Gelfand—Levitan, Marchenko and Krein equations.
10.02.2014. E.G. Malkovich.
Geometrical pseudoflows and spaces with curvature restrictions.
31.01.2014. S.M. Cherosova (Yakutsk).
Extremal points of Helfrich functional in space of surfaces of revolution with an equatorial symmetry.
D.A. Nogovitsyn (Yakutsk).
A generalization of the discrete geometric bisectors flow on polyhedra in R3.
21.01.2014. M.A. Yurkin.
Solution of the inverse light scattering problem for charactezation of biological particles by scanning flow cytometry.
K.V. Gilev.
Determination of human erythrocyte shape by minimization of surface energy functional.
27.12.2013. D.A. Slutskiy (Toulouse, France).
Polyhedral metrics on the boundaries of convex hyperbolic 3-manifolds and flexible polyhedra in hyperbolic 3-space.
23.12.2013. B.T. Saparbaeva.
Two-dimensional finite-zone Schrodinger operators with elliptic coefficients.
16.12.2013. V.N. Davletshina.
Self-adjoint commuting differential operators of rank two and their deformations, given by soliton equations.
02.12.2013. Yu.Yu. Klevtsova.
On the existence of a stationary measure for the stochastic system of an atmospheric model.
25.11.2013. A.A. Ageev.
Complexity of euclidean max cut problem.
18.11.2013. Ya.A. Kopylov.
On homological algebra in preabelian categories and the Lpq-theory of differential forms on Riemannian manifolds.
11.11.2013. M.V. Neshchadim.
On the total mean curvature of nonrigid surfaces.
28.10.2013. E.S. Oshevskaya.
On some classes of directed topological spaces.
21.10.2013. D.V. Egorov (Yakutsk).
On special Monge-Ampere type equations.
14.10.2013. Ya.V. Bazaikin.
Integral persistence diagrams.
30.09.2013. S.-A. Wegner (Novosibirsk / Wuppertal, Germany).
Asymptotics of operator semigroups on locally convex spaces.
23.09.2013. A.V. Masley.
The sufficient discreteness conditions for two-generated subgroups of PSL(2,C).
16.09.2013. A.Yu. Vesnin.
Two-generated subgroups of PSL(2,C) which are extremal for Jorgensen inequality and its analogues.