The Schedule of the Seminar
«Geometry, Topology, and Their Applications»
over the 2014-2015 academic year

28.08.2015. A.A. Akimova (Chelyabinsk).
A classification of genus one virtual knots of low complexity.
25.08.2015. V.O. Manturov (Moscow).
On the groups Gkn.
29.05.2015. On diploma works:
  • M.R. Borchaschvili. Integration of the geodesic flow of non-holonomic metric.
  • R.M. Matuev. The Moutard transformation of the Dirac operator with potentials corresponding to the surfaces of revolution in R3.
  • A.V. Serbin. Frobenius manifolds corresponding to singular spectral curves.
  • A.M. Skopintsev. A reconstruction of a symmetric tensor field on R2 by the ray transform with incomplete data.
28.05.2015. On diploma works:
  • V.V. Korentsova. An investigation of the geometric flow generated by the Euler equations.
  • Yu.A. Kotov. A behaviour of solutions of the Dirac flow.
  • V.A. Lapparov. On cusps of small coverings of the rectangular octahedron.
  • D.S. Rozhkov. A computation of the Turaev group of transformations of dimer coverings.
27.05.2015. D.G. Vorobiev.
The RNA secondary structure: a classical object of bioinformatics.
25.05.2015. On diploma works:
  • A.E. Kalenykh. On the structure of phase portraits of the certain nonlinear dynamical systems.
  • K.G. Kamalutdinov. On the intersections of the fractal curves.
  • S.P. Maslovskaya. Optimal control in the problem of launching satellite into circular orbit.
14.05.2015. M.V. Prasolov (Moscow).
Monotonic simplification of rectangular diagrams and Legendrian graphs.
13.05.2015. E.R. Balzin (Moscow/Nice, France).
Homological Mirror Symmetry.
11.05.2015. E.R. Balzin (Moscow/Nice, France).
Boundary conditions for field theories and related categories.
30.04.2015. E.R. Balzin (Moscow/Nice, France).
Topological quantum field theories.
27.04.2015. E.P. Shurina, A.Yu. Kutischeva, E.I. Mikhailova.
Conformal and nonconformal finite element methods in computational magnetism.
20.04.2015. R.G. Novikov (Palaiseau, France).
Inverse scattering problem at fixed energy with non-overdetermined data.
06.04.2015. V.N. Davletshina.
Self-adjoint commuting differential operators of rank 2 and their deformations given by soliton equations.
03.04.2015. D.N. Shtokalo.
Geometrical-like problems in experimental genetics data processing.III.
30.03.2015. D.N. Shtokalo.
Geometrical-like problems in experimental genetics data processing.II.
20.03.2015. U. Boscain (Palaiseau, France).
Small time heat kernel asymptotics in Riemannian and sub-Riemannian geometry.
16.03.2015. D.N. Shtokalo.
Geometrical-like problems in experimental genetics data processing.I.
02.03.2015. V.E. Nazaikinskii (Moscow).
Spectral flow for families of Dirac operators and a creation of electron-hole pairs in graphene.
16.02.2015. S.V. Maltseva.
The method of scanning plane slope variation in the high-field MRI.
09.02.2015. V.N. Berestovskii.
Generalized normally homogeneous Riemannian manifolds.
14.01.2015. A.V. Pavlov (Yakutsk).
The Jacobi set of two functions.
22.12.2014. A.A. Agrachev.
"Asymptotic homology" of the horizontal paths spaces.
08.12.2014. I.F. Ginzburg.
Some physical problems with changing Hilbert spaces.
03.12.2014. M.V. Pavlov (Moscow).
Locally homogeneous Hamiltonian operators of order 3.
01.12.2014. S.S. Kutateladze.
G-spaces and toposes in analysis: in memory of Alexander Grothendieck.
24.11.2014. N.V. Abrosimov.
Volumes of hyperbolic octahedra with 3-symmetry.
17.11.2014. S.V. Agapov.
On the integrability of the subRiemannian geodesic flow for the Goursat distribution.
10.11.2014. V.A. Sharafutdinov.
Method of spherical harmonics in the problem of geodesic flow integrability.II.
27.10.2014. V.A. Sharafutdinov.
Method of spherical harmonics in the problem of geodesic flow integrability.I.
20.10.2014. D.N. Oskorbin (Barnaul).
On the curvature operators on Lie groups with left invariant Riemannian metrics.
13.10.2014. D.O. Zharkov.
Information in biological texts or the problems of the reader and the read at the molecular level.
06.10.2014. A. Abbondandolo (Bochum, Germany).
Introduction to symplectic capacities.
29.09.2014. A.V. Belyaev.
Analytical properties of solutions of quasihomogeneous Hamiltonian systems.
25.09.2014. S.K. Lando (Moscow).
Mirzakhani's proof of the Witten conjecture.
15.09.2014. I.A. Bogaevsky (Moscow).
Vanishing viscosity and the trajectory of the principle of least action.