The Schedule of the Seminar
«Geometry, Topology, and Their Applications»
over the 2020-2021 academic year

27.07.2021. M.V. Korobkov.
On the uniqueness of the solution to the two-dimensional stationary flow problem.
14.06.2021. G.I. Sharygin (Moscow).
Operations on the universal enveloping algebra and the "argument shift" method".
04.06.2021. V.A. Gaiko (Minsk, Belarus).
On the application of bifurcation-geometric methods to solve the 16th Hilbert problem.II.
03.06.2021. V.A. Gaiko (Minsk, Belarus).
On the application of bifurcation-geometric methods to solve the 16th Hilbert problem.I.
26.05.2021. On diploma works:
  • M.E. Bobova. Mathematical billiard for space curves.
  • A.A. Egorov. Volumes of rectangular polyhedra in Lobachevsky space.
  • M.E. Ivanov. Recurrent construction of invariants of virtual knots.
24.05.2021. M.S. Ivlev.
On the Apery theorem.
17.05.2021. S.V. Avgustinovich.
Symbolic dynamics and factorial languages.
13.05.2021. On diploma works:
  • A. Gundareva. Commuting differential operators and automorphisms of the first Weil algebra over rational field.
  • S. Panov. Invariants of knotted graphs.
  • B. Chuzhinov. Invariants of virtual and flat virtual knots.
  • A. Potashnikov. First integrals of two-dimensional geodesic flows and the generalized hodograph method.
  • I. Potashnikov. On rational in momenta integrals of a natural system on two-dimensional torus.
On a course work:
  • Yu.D. Efremenko. Numerical modeling of the surface diffusion equation for triangulated surfaces in Euclidean space.
10.05.2021. R. Kashaev (University of Geneva, Switzerland). [zoom]
Two versions of the Teichmuller TQFT and their equivalence.
29.04.2021. A.Yu. Chekryshov
On the Higman theorem.II.
26.04.2021. A.S. Trushechkin (Moscow). [zoom]
Mathematical methods of quantum cryptography.
22.04.2021. A.Yu. Chekryshov
On the Higman theorem.I.
19.04.2021. H.-B. Rademacher (Leipzig, Germany). [zoom]
String topology and closed geodesics.
15.04.2021. R.I. Zhukov
Optimal horizontal connectivity on the 2- and 3-step canonical Carnot groups.
12.04.2021. I. Agricola (Marburg, Germany). [zoom]
Old and new on the (non)-existence of complex structures on S6.
08.04.2021 P.N. Klepikov (Barnaul)
Locally homogeneous (pseudo) Riemannian manifolds with restrictions on the Schouten-Weil tensor.
06.04.2021 V.V. Sokolov (Moscow). [zoom]
Non-Abelian generalizations of integrable PDEs and ODEs.
05.04.2021 V.S. Matveev (Jena, Germany). [zoom]
Nijenhuis Geometry: singularities and global issues.
29.03.2021 Hui Ma (Beijing, China) . [zoom]
On Lagrangian surfaces in the complex projective plane.
26.03.2021. I.A. Dynnikov (Moscow)
Dynamics around the Rauzy gasket.II.
24.03.2021. I.A. Dynnikov (Moscow)
Dynamics around the Rauzy gasket.I.
22.03.2021. A. Fino (Torino, Italy). [zoom]
Closed G_2-structures and Laplacian flow.
17.03.2021. L.R. Nabeeva (Chelyabinsk). [zoom]
Tabulation of knots and links in the thickened Klein bottle.
15.03.2021. I.D. Shkredov (Moscow). [zoom]
On some problems of additive combinatorics and dynamical systems.
22.02.2021. K. Kawai (Tokyo, Japan). [zoom]
Deformed Donaldson-Thomas connections.II.
15.02.2021. K. Kawai (Tokyo, Japan). [zoom]
Deformed Donaldson-Thomas connections.I.
08.02.2021. M.E. Kazarian (Moscow). [zoom]
Introduction to Gromov-Witten theory.
01.02.2021. J. Nordstrom (Bath, Great Britain). [zoom]
Extra-twisted connected sum G_2-manifolds and analytic invariants.
25.01.2021. U. Semmelmann (Stuttgart, Germany). [zoom]
Stability of Einstein metrics.
18.01.2021. M. Amann (Augsburg, Germany). [zoom]
Fibrations with torus fibres and the toral rank conjecture.
21.12.2020. D.V. Bolotov (Kharkov, Ukraine). [zoom]
Foliations on closed 3-dimensional Riemannian manifolds with small modulus of mean curvature of the leaves.
14.12.2020. .A. Shramov (Moscow). [zoom]
Finite automorphism groups of algebraic and complex varieties.
30.11.2020. S.V. Ivanov (Saint-Petersburg). [zoom]
Positive metric entropy in nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems.
23.11.2020. D.A. Gorodkov (Moscow). [zoom]
A formula for the first combinatorial Pontryagin class in terms of 2-sphere curvature redistribution.
16.11.2020. S.O. Ivanov (Saint-Petersburg). [zoom]
Localization and completion of groups and spaces.
09.11.2020. A.V. Arutyunov, S.E. Zhukovskiy (Moscow). [zoom]
Local and global inverse and implicit function theorem.
02.11.2020. S.V. Agapov. [zoom]
Polynomial integrals of a magnetic geodesic flow on the 2-torus.
19.10.2020. N.A. Tyurin (Moscow)
Chekanov tori in toric and pseudotoric varieties.
12.10.2020. V.V. Shubin
Rational integrals of two-dimensional geodesic flows.
05.10.2020. N.A. Daurtseva
Almost Hermitian structures on S6.II.
28.09.2020. N.A. Daurtseva
Almost Hermitian structures on S6.I.
18.09.2020. S.O. Gorchinskiy (Moscow)
Arithmetic geometry panorama or for which Scholze received the Fields Medal.