The Schedule of the Seminar
«Geometry, Topology, and Their Applications»
over the 2021-2022 academic year

11.10.2021. M.V. Pavlov (Moscow). [zoom]
El's nonlocal kinetic equation and its hydrodynamic reductions.
04.10.2021. B.I. Botvinnik (Oregon State University, USA). [zoom]
Topology of spaces and moduli spaces of metrics with positive scalar curvature.
27.09.2021. E.S. Kornev (Kemerovo).
Affinor geometry.
20.09.2021. V.M. Manuilov (Moscow).
On operators commuting with a non-commutative C*-algebra
(via an example of the Schrodinger operator in a magnetic field).
13.09.2021. N.S. Dairbekov (Almaty, Kazakhstan), M.V. Korobkov (Shanghai, China). [zoom]
On the mathematical works of A.P. Kopylov (1940-2021).